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The International Association of University Presidents (IAUP), in an effort to contribute to the enhancement of senior leadership in the context of current trends and future needs, is proud to launch its initial Leadership Development Program for newly appointed presidents or presidents in their first or second year in office, to be held July 21-27, 2019 in Aalborg, Denmark.


Join us in this unique program that will provide peer-to-peer learning and valuable insights from current and former university presidents as well as higher education experts from around the world.

About the program

Target audience
Important dates
Program description

A global learning experience, individually tailored to enhance leadership and senior management skills required by incoming and emerging Presidents facing the initial challenges as leaders of their institutions. 



  • Selective program for newly designated presidents, emerging presidents and/or presidents who are in their first or second year in office


  • Small cohort of up to 15 participants


  • Hybrid, intensive format, involving pre-session work, face to face group sessions, individual consultations, and long-distance work the semester after attending this program


  • Expert advice and involvement of the broad IAUP network


  • Select speakers from partner organizations that cover specialized themes


  • Focus on knowledge and skills associated with successful Presidencies


  • Use of best practices, case studies, and individual projects




The program is crafted to produce the following outcomes in an accelerated manner, sensible to the time constraints of presidents in the early stages of their tenure:


  • Gain an insight and understanding of the trends and key issues affecting leadership in higher education globally, and assess the strategic implications of these in their respective universities


  • Strengthen and polish the leadership skills of presidential participants through close interaction with and advice from seasoned mentors


  • Align strengths and expertise with institutional plans and opportunities


  • Design and/or finesse a high performance team that complements the leadership style of presidential participants and potentially increases their overall impact and effectiveness


  • Establish the necessary leadership network to embark on a successful presidency

Target audience
  • Newly designated or emerging presidents

  • Presidents  in their first or second year in office

Academic Program
  • Topic 1: Mission and Vision

  • Topic 2: Commitment to Quality

  • Topic 3: Governance and External Relations

  • Topic 4: Quality Assurance, Accreditation, Rankings

  • Topic 5: Financial and Managerial Challenges

  • Topic 6: Deploying Technology across the University

  • Topic 7: Developing Future Leaders & Succession Planning

  • Topic 8: Internationalisation and Innovation of Higher Education

  • Topic 9: Current themes

    • Diversity and inclusion

    • Branding, communications and reputation management

    • Data analytics and institutional responsiveness

    • Risk management

Important dates

December 2018 - April 2019: Reception and review of program candidates

May 2019: Selection and announcement of program participants

June 2019: Initial work begun by program participants via web-based LMS


July 21 to 27, 2019: Program sessions in Aalborg, Denmark